Other Services

  • We repair, fix & service ALL fitness/exercise equipment. ALL makes and models and ALL BRANDS.
    ( Treadmills, fitness bikes, ellipticals,universals/home-gyms, Nordictrack skiers, rowers)
  • A routine maintenance inspection by one of our trained experienced service
    technicians is an easy, hassle free way to keep your exercise equipment  in fantastic shape.
  • The inspection, inspected in your home, office, or corporate gym includes unit testing, lubricating all
    parts, vacuuming, motor testing/calibration, checking electrical system, amp.
    draw readings and comparison to manufacturer specifications.
  • The technician will also make all necessary adjustments to keep your
    exercise equipment in optimal running condition.
  • We will move your exercise equipment from 1 location to another within the ENTIRE Chicago land area. Also, we can just move it WITHIN the same house (room to room,1st. floor to 2nd , house to garage,etc). We can also break down/box/prep your equipment for storage or if you are moving out of state or country.

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